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10 Ways to Take Care Of Your Skin This Festive Winter Season - Here's How

Winter comes with its own set of pleasantness and unpleasantness. While the pleasant outweighs the unpleasant, the latter cannot be ignored especially the dry and cold air that leaves your skin itchy, dry and red. Combatting dry skin during winters is a task. While extreme cold leaves your skin raw and dry, the indoor heat zaps the moisture from your skin. The havoc that winter wreaks on your skin can leave you feeling irritated and leave your skin feeling devoid of moisture. And though the hot showers might seem ideal to warm up yourself but it ends up drying out your skin by stripping it of its natural oils.


But there are many products that can help combat your dry winter skin and enable your skin to feel moist and supple the entire season. Here are 10 effective winter skincare products this festive season that will make you feel your best throughout the season:


1. The GOSH Donoderm Moisture Gel makes your skin appear healthy and glowing. Spread the gel gently on your skin to keep it moisturized and nourished the entire day. Owing to the compact shape of the bottle and spill-proof lid, the bottle can be carried conveniently.


2. Pamper yourself every morning with Le Palais Des Parfums Santal Sublime Body Lotion that leaves you feeling refreshed and enthusiastic. The magical aroma of the body lotion captivates your senses and evokes a rich amalgamation of ginger and cinnamon which makes it a truly refreshing. 


3. Ensure softer and smoother hands with Estiara Passion Flora Moisturizing Hand Cream that makes your hand intensely soft, supple and sweet smelling. The hand cream's hydrating formula emits a fragrance that makes it perfect for regular use.


4. Receive unlimited compliments from your friends and neighbors by using an SNP Fruits Gelato Nutrition Mask. Easy to apply on your face and handy, this Avocado flavored mask can be carried along and used depending upon your requirement.


5. Improve your skin tone with Kocostar Lemon Slice Mask Sheet. The mask lightens the pigmentation marks on your skin and brightens your face. It moisturizes your dry skin and leaves it fair and glowing.


6. Designed with the SPF 30 formula, the Wycon Cosmetics SPF 30 Sun Protection Moisturizer is a light face cream with UVA and UVB filters. It is an indispensable must-have product to be incorporated in your daily skincare routine. It offers medium coverage and protects your skin from the harmful effects of sun rays, dust, and pollution. This vitamin E rich cream has a natural finish and.


7. This lightweight NIP+FAB Purify Teen Skin Fix Zero Shine Moisturizer helps prevent excess oil build-up and breakouts and keeps you shine-free throughout the day. Enriched with advanced formula of wasabi extracts to prevent bacterial growth, this fab moisturizer has zinc that leaves your skin smooth and shine-free. For best results, use the moisturizer daily. If you have a sensitive skin, use 2-3 times a week only. Avoid application near the delicate area under your eyes and in case of contact, rinse well with water. Keep it out of bounds for children.


8. Transform the appearance of your skin texture with the Super Facialist Vitamin C Brighten Eye Cream and re-plump fine lines with this skin smoothening cream. This skin defense moisturizer is a blend of ingredients that hydrates, protects and smoothens your skin and is a must-have amongst the skin care products.


9. The ultra-rich, luxurious Ayres Pampas Sunrise Hand Cream is enriched with Shea butter, plant emollients and herbal extracts that moisturizes dry skin naturally. Formulated with fast absorbing lightweight oils like Lemongrass, Mandarin, Bergamot, Patchouli, and Spearmint, that penetrates your skin quickly, you are left with a non-greasy, smooth and supple skin with improved elasticity. Awaken your senses with the hint of musky scent from exotic cedar wood.


10. Illuminate your face and eliminate the dullness of your face with the Doll Face Brilliance Illuminating Face Polish. The natural jojoba beads in the cream exfoliates your rough skin and refines the texture of your skin. This dual-action face polish blurs the pigments and gently removes the dead cells from the skin surface. It builds-up your skin to give off a smoother, brighter and fresher looking skin. Let your skin shine and look smooth, bright and glowing.