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Karen's Picks: Beauty picks from daytime until the next daytime

Ramadan is a time of spiritual renewal, gathering and connecting with your family and loved ones, but these gatherings can extend for hours. From work, shopping, errands, Iftars and Suhours outside and family visits. Keeping all that in mind, we’ve gathered a list of things to keep your glow with minimal effort. They’re easy to use, multifunctional and they’re all about the subtlety and simplicity which are big qualities of this beautiful occasion.


Klara, Isadora, Bourjois and Doll Face


Morning beauty

Alright, now you’re getting ready for the mall. For that, you will need a simple look that’s super convenient because the day is still pretty long. But before you get busy, there is something you need to consider. You will need a super good moisturizer because your skin can lose a lot of its moisture during fasting so replenish it with the Doll Face Nourish Mousturiser. Now you can start wearing makeup. Go for Bourjois 123 Colour Correcting Concealer. It’s a stackable stick with three shades: Green – disguises redness, Apricot – balances the dark circles, and Purple – brightens up dull skin. For the foundation, you want something that leaves your skin a bit more natural because you may not want to wear much makeup during the day. The perfect option for that would be the Isadora Active All Day Wear with its long lasting effect through humidity and an active lifestyle. It also has a soft, elastic touch and a velvety finish. For the lips, the KLARA Kiss Proof Liquid Matte Lipstick works pretty well with this look. Choose the shade that suits you best and don’t worry about smudging because this liquid would dry up to a stunning matte finish.


Garnier Skinactive and Klara Cosmetics


Mid-day touch ups

Shopping or errands are all done. You have a plan to go for Iftar in one of the Ramadan tents or themed restaurants. You can touchup your makeup and add eye makeup to it, or you can start over. I personally think, start over. Use the Garnier Skin Natural Micellar Water as your cleanser. This product is an absolute dream by the way. It cleanses, removes makeup and soothes your skin. Now if you want a brighter look (who doesn’t) then you should use KLARA Reset. It’s a gel that exfoliates the skin, unblocks and tightens pores and diminishes the appearance of lines. It will leave your skin feeling softer and is suitable for face and body! You’re welcome.


Maybelline New York, Klara & Bourjois


Out for Iftar or Suhoor

Right, now let’s get ready for that Ramadan tent. Fashion takes a huge turn towards glamor during this time of the month. Decisions are carefully made around what to wear and options can be quite classy and very tasteful. Let’s keep the makeup look that way too. Gosh High Coverage Concealer easily removes signs of fatigue and brings back the brightness around your eyes. For the foundation, the Bourjois Always Fabulous 24H Foundcealer will have to be the one used here. It creates a weightless and airbrushed coverage and it works as a foundation and a concealer. For the eyeshadow, KLARA Fashion Victim: London is great for these outings. It has different shades of natural colours with metallic hints that blend together well. Bring it out with Maybelline New York Master Ink Liner and wing your eyeliner to create a cateye look. Get the KLARA Totally Lashed Out Mascara for the boldest and darkest look yet and it lasts through humidity and temperature change. Use the Isadora Perfect Matte Lipstick; it’s highly pigmented and has an intense colour finish.


What about the visits

There are also times where you will be doing the visits and would like to take a gift along, you know, to be nice. Here are some fresh options that your family and friends will appreciate:


Grace Cole Coconut Splash With Love Duo

Grace Crush Strawberry Crush With Love Duo

Skin Republic Beauty Booster Set of 4

Skin Republic Detox Cream Set of 4


Ps. These are also good sets for personal use so you can just find an excuse to get a gift for yourself!