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How to Get a Free Back-To-School Tablet!

As parents, we’re always thinking a few steps ahead. That’s why the school holidays are exactly the right time to look for great back-to-school bargains and special deals, to make sure that your little ones are ready as can be for the start of the school year – and as an added bonus, you save big too.

The best bit about buying all your back-to-school essentials with Lifestyle is that you can pick up everything you need at prices you can afford. To make it even better, this August we’ve created an absolute must-have ‘All You Need to Be Cool for School’ special offer just for you, that is bound to get the approval of your tech’d-up tots.

Spend only AED 399 on a minimum of six back-to-school essentials and we’ll give you a free tablet worth AED 300. If that doesn’t please your game-loving kids then we don’t know what will! Fun aside, the tablet will come in handy for those online homework assignments which can easily be completed on-the-go.

Throughout August, you can find a huge range of back-to-school essentials both in-store and online. From pencil cases to backpacks, sports kit to uniform essentials, everything is available in one place. Our top tip: you can browse through the selection at home on your computer, put together your ‘wish list’ and then grab everything in one go to take advantage of this amazing free tablet offer.

We know how tough kids can be on their school kit, especially with backpacks. On most days they end up as makeshift goal-posts, get kicked around under desks, and generally have a rough time. At Lifestyle, we’ve picked out the best and toughest backpacks that are fit for anything, but in the rare eventuality that they fail (perhaps they’ve been the goal-post for one too many games of football!), then we have a one year warranty on all backpacks, so you can replace them without any fuss.

Let the kids have their summer fun, but start planning now for the new term and not only will you save some money and take advantage of our special offer, but you’ll make sure your kids are ‘cool for school’ when the new year starts.