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Accessories to Transform Your Ramadan Look

When done right, simple accessories have the power to transform your whole look. Running straight from work to an iftar party? We’ve rounded up the best handpicked selection of accessories for you to add Ramadan flair to your wardrobe and transition effortlessly from AM to PM.


Jazz it up with jewelry

When it comes to styling up your outfit, one of the easiest ways to do this is with jewelry. Whether you like to wear timeless pieces or prefer to accessorize with the latest trends, here are some pretty Ramadan picks to fit any occasion.

During Ramadan, what better way to shine the night away than with a diamanté-studded necklace? One of the best parts is that it’s super adjustable, making it versatile enough to fit any neckline or preference in length.

Get up close and personal with your jewelry, with your very own personalized letter necklace. Dainty enough to stay elegant, but still sizeable enough to make a statement, this beautiful necklace is easy enough against the skin to wear day in and day out.

One of our favourite ways to build a look is through the art of layering. A collection of delicate charm bracelets will give you the option to either keep your look minimal with a single chain, or go all out with the layered stack of bracelets for maximum appeal.

A 10-piece set of earrings with pearl detailing provides plenty of combinations to play with. Each pair has been designed to mix and match, so you can try multiple styles together for a special curated ear.

Grab a bag and go

There’s nothing like a statement bag to define your own style and stand out. A unique clutch or handbag never goes out of style and can be just the thing to take your neutral outfit from drab to fab. 

If you want to get in the mood for Ramadan celebrations, a shimmery tote bag is the perfect piece to add a touch of class and festivity to your look during the holy month.

For something more contemporary, a beautiful little backpack will carry you and your Ramadan essentials from busy days to stylish nights with friends and family.

Try a textured, multi-coloured clutch for a quirkier, bohemian twist to your usual iftar attire. The fresh colours will remind you of how bright the Ramadan celebrations are supposed to be!

A black, glittery clutch is an evening wardrobe must-have, especially during a time like Ramadan. It is a classic go-to accessory to look the part at more formal events.

We don’t know about you, but we love a bold, eye-catching print. This striped box clutch will definitely give a contrasting pop to any monochrome outfit. If you are feeling extra fashion forward, pair with another bold pattern for that on-trend clashing print look.


No matter what your Ramadan style is, our top tip to take away is to remember that you can instantly elevate any outfit with smart accessorizing, from something as easy as a unique clutch to an elegant piece of versatile jewelry.