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Sanitizing your hands well? Don't forget to moisturize them.

The skin is the largest organ of your body. Having a glowing skin is indicative of health and wellbeing. Just the way you need to ensure that your other organs are working fine, you also need to ensure that your skin is taken care of. In the current global scenario of a health crisis, it is an absolute essential for us to take care of our hands by constantly washing and sanitizing them. But we often forget to moisturize them. Whether you have a normal skin or an extra-sensitive skin, you must keep it clean, nourished and moisturised. While the use of sanitizers cannot be overruled, you must also use the right hand creams to prevent your hands from getting dry and flaky. In the middle of this global crisis, take this opportunity to do some self-care at home by using the 10 best hand creams.


1. Calm your mind and hydrate your skin with Estiara Passion Lemon Verbena Moisturizing Hand Cream. Infused with the sweet-smelling lemon verbena fragrance, the cream is designed to moisturize your hands well.


2. The super hydrating and protective WYCON Cosmetics Hand Cream is an everyday essential. This compact and handy cream prevents your hands from excessive dryness and is fit for regular use.


3. Constant use of sanitizers makes your skin hard and rough to touch. Applying the Dirty Works Hand Cream consisting of cocoa butter softens your hard skin. The cream moisturises and makes your skin supple.


4. Enriched with the luxurious goodness of ginger lily and lime, the Brompton & Langley Ginger Lily & Lime Hand Cream is a fabulous pick to be included in your personal care regime. This handy piece is a fabulous purchase that can be applied every now and then to your hands.


5. The current scenario also entails that we remain peaceful and in the right frame of mind. Do so by enhancing your senses with the Bubble T Moroccan Mint Tea Hand Cream. Feel the goodness of Moroccan mint tea on your hands after every hand wash. A luxurious blend of essential oils, this hand cream leaves your hand soft and fragrant.


6. The Baylis & Harding Royale Garden 3-Piece Hand Cream Set is an assortment of delicate fragrances moisturizes your hands well and takes your olfactory experience to the next level.


7. Made with Vitamin E and shea butter, the Heathcote & Ivory Fabric & Flowers Vintage & Co Mini Hand Cream softens your skin and its subtle fragrance continues to linger on your skin for a long time.


8. Invest in the GOSH Donoderm Hand and Nail Cream that offers an intense conditioning treatment and reduces the signs of ageing. The nourishing formula invigorates and tones your skin, and protects the skin from flaking off.


9. The NPW Mermaid Shell Hand Cream is a delightful treat to yourself. Pop open the shimmering shell to discover the goodness and fragrance of a spring dew scent. Add this pretty package to your daily home care, stay calm and relaxed.


10. Enriched with the goodness of shea butter, this luxurious Brompton & Langley Lavender Vanilla Hand and Body Cream lends your skin a soft and supple feel to it. Scented with the mild fragrance of lavender and sweet vanilla, this hand cream is your all-time hand cream that leaves you feeling soothed.


The importance of a hand wash is at its peak and so is the usage of sanitizers. But the importance of keeping your hands moisturized at all times cannot be undermined. Calm yourself and show some self love.