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Make this Ramadan special with exquisite home décor

The holy month of Ramadan is dedicated to praying, fasting, abstaining from immoral acts, reading the Holy Quran and performing charity. It is a month when a heightened sense of devotion and worship, self-reflection and self-improvement can be observed everywhere. What can be more splendid than supplementing self-improvement with home-improvement? The holy month is a time to open your hearts and share the bliss with family, friends and even the not-so-privileged. To make this Ramadan an enriching experience, create a subtly elegant space that reflects purity and the true spirit of Ramadan.


This Ramadan, decorate your space and add a festive look to your abode. Not only will it create calm and soothing vibes, it will also help you strike a spiritual connection with Allah and your own self. Here are some simple ideas that can facilitate you with Ramadan festivities, to spruce up your space and create an ultimate festive ambiance.


Throw in some fluffy cushions

Add an Arabic Vibes Embellished Rectangular Cushion to your living space. Let this rectangular cushion give your couch a royal appearance with its rich velvety finish. It is an impressive cushion piece with beaded embellishment and applique detail. It is soft and enables you to cozy up. Alternatively, you can also opt for the Royal Prestige Velvet Bead Embroidered Cushion which can pep up your bed or a corner space. This rectangular cushion features an attractive beaded embroidery, framed by contrast piping on its  border.


Accentuate your corners

A fine specimen of art, the Ethnic Camel Glass Top Accent Table lends an exquisite appeal to your interiors. A palm-tree-shaped base with gold finish truly makes this table a unique piece.  The clear glass on the tabletop also enhances its overall appeal. Alternatively, the Arabic Print Accent Table with Ceramic Top is an example of refined aesthetics. It elevates the charm of your modern living space. The elegant print featured on the table top showcases an attractive tiered design.


Personify your dinning space experience

An elegant half-sphere shaped Textured Round Bowl with Palm Tree Detail  is an excellent pick for your coffee table. With its matte finish on the outside and an intricate textured finish on the inside, the bowl makes for a classic crockery piece for Iftar. The palm-tree-shaped handles add to the appeal. Alternatively, a Decorative Ceramic Fruit Bowl with Embellishments is a wonderful pick for modern homes. With a glossy metal base and rim, the bowl looks great at the centre of your dining table.


Illuminate your space

The attractive Au Naturale Embossed Pillar Candleholder in its classic style is a fantastic living room mantlepiece. This classical holder is unique in shape, features an embossed design, and has a glossy finish. The Artisinal Horse Foil Print Candleholder can also be an alternative that lends a classy edge to your living space. This shiny, stunning candleholder is a charming pick with printed details that elevates your space.


Light up your cozy corners

The beautiful Latticework Detail Metal Lantern features elaborate cutwork design on the exterior. This bewitching lantern heightens the visual appeal of your cozy corner. Highlighted in a rusted finish, the candle lantern accentuates your aesthetic requirements. Alternatively, the Decorative Iron Candle Lantern can evoke a sense of regal charm. This beautiful tealight lantern has an iron frame covered with tinted glass panels on all sides. The beguiling cutwork pattern blends well with your space.


Additionally, you can adorn the walls of your house with Islamic art that is influenced by the culture of various nations like Egypt, Greece, Morocco and India. Calligraphy, glasswork, paintings, ceramics, and textiles are some of the Islamic art forms. Adorn your abode with impressive home decor and fill your space with colorful vibes and make your Holy month special.