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Beauty Picks Of The Month for November

This November we’ve rounded up a selection of beauty, bath and body brands that will leave your skin feeling fresh, revived, nourished and radiant. We know you’ll love these picks, as much as we do!


Bubble T Range

Bubble T range of bath pearls and body lotion

It’s no underestimation that Bubble T is obsessed with all things tea and we are obsessed! From the various flavours, origins and health benefits, there are so many reasons to get on board with this brand. In particular, they specialize in bath and body products that are made with fruit extracts and tea infusions, all inspired by the popular Bubble Tea drink. One thing’s for sure, they are guaranteed to leave the skin looking radiant as well as feeling cleansed and fully hydrated.

We just love their Moroccan Mint Tea Melting Marble Oil Bath Pearls, our online exclusive. Drop these pearls into the bath and expect refreshing peppermint, white jasmine and sweet spearmint that will completely relax you. They are filled with essential oils that will soften the skin. Once out of the bath, lather your skin with their Lemongrass and Green Tea Body Lotion for the best body prep. It contains green tea, lemongrass and lemon zest which will invigorate. Winners all round.


Treets Traditions Range

A must-have is the Traditions Energising Secrets Body Cream by beauty experts, Treets. Perfect for purifying, it deeply cleanses the skin, getting rid of all the impurities. The Amazonian Tamanu oil softens the skin while the passion fruit is packed with vitamin A and C, great for brightening and balancing the skin. What’s more, you can treat your friends with the Treets gift boxes; take their Nourishing Spirits Sweet Melon Gift Set which includes all the necessities that anyone might need for the ultimate beauty prep in the form of shower cream, miracle oil (this is the best) as well as shea butter scrub for silky skin.


Luminous Moisturizing Foundation by Note

Luminous Moisturizing Foundation by Note

Over at ZEINA it’s no secret that we love Note and all their products, and this month we can’t get enough of their foundations! Their Luminous Moisturizing Foundation does exactly what it says - makes the skin glow from day to night. There are tons of pros with this product! It contains both macadamia and almond oil which is great when it comes to hydrating the skin, not to mention the anti-aging benefits. When it comes to skin tone, it balances out any complexion, giving a natural and luminous finish. Last but not least, this foundation contains SPF 15, a skin essential that gives protection from the sun’s rays.


Detox & Protect Foundation by Note

Another Note favourite of ours, is the Detox & Protect Foundation, for flawless-looking skin. This product is for when you really want to detox your skin and protect it from the outside world. It contains natural oils, yeast extract and vitamin E, which all contribute to younger, brighter looking skin. It protects the outer layers of the skin by acting as a barrier against things such as pollution, as well as the dreaded photo-aging so you look fresh in your photos, thanks to the powerful antioxidants! Overall, the formula gives a matte finish with a soft texture - the best of both worlds.  There are plenty of shades, so you will certainly find the perfect colour to match your own skin tone.