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Autumn Style Guide

The mercury red and golden leaves swaying from the trees as the wind blows. You know it’s the season of autumn when the leaves almost look like they have been barbecued.

Here’s a handy list of tips to help you prepare for the fall season!

It’s all about styling yourself

A super fun and effortless loose braid customized with some hair accessories is the way to go. Another way to jazz up the pony tail is by making half a braid and then tying it using these colorful hair ties!

In order for the hair styles to stay intact, use some long-lasting hair sprays.

Make your look spark with a trendy backpack, satchel, or even a handbag! Enjoy bright colored bags to complement your style.

A scarf to beat the high winds is an essential. Choose from a variety of prints and colors to match your outfits. There are also ample amounts of styles to tie the scarf around! Right from French knots to a classic loop.



Bold and Beautiful

Look fashionable with burgundy, burnt orange and gorgeous brown shades on your eyes and lips. Blending eyeshadows are the most important! Use a fluffy brush from our collection to blend your shadows.

To complement you dark lipstick and eyeshadow top it off with some shimmery bronzer to let your skin look more natural. You can never go wrong with a touch of highlighter for dewy skin as well!



Scents Galore

A house is not a home without a candle lit up! There’s something festive about strong scented candles like vanilla, lavender, sandalwood and many more. Enjoy hour lasting candles from our collection in various scents.

Decorate your house with some fancy oil burners and add some strong fragrances with refreshing oils to your home!



All the way from accessories to home fragrance we hope these tips come in handy this fall!