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5 Make-Up Trends to Suit Your Denim Outfit

1. Marvel in your Metal

The high-shine metallic look is not just intense but it goes well with almost any couture. Any makeup with iconic copper and gold foil formulas are a great investment. While the metallic makeup is usually not worn with Denims, it is worth wearing as an assertion of freedom to wear whatever one wants to wear. The Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Metallic Eyeshadow will serve and support your purpose. The trend originated from the gold foils and the dark broody metallics into jewel tones seen at Versace.


2. Heavy with Dew

Women in the ‘70s would flaunt their radiant and glowing skin which in itself was a huge makeup trend. The idea was not to dab ones face with makeup but to create an impression of a healthy looking dewy skin and this could be done by the application of a foundation with a dewy finish. A Deborah Compact Foundation or a Klara Cosmetics Foundation Stick can double-up as a concealer and leave you with that healthy-looking glow. The easy-to-blend texture provides an immaculate finish that hides imperfections, dark circles, and age spots. Apply a Metallic Highlighter to your cheekbones, chin and tip of your nose for that perfect radiant look.


3. Gloss your Lips

Glide your lips with the enticing Note Mattemoist Lip Gloss that will keep your lips moisturized all day long. Keeping your natural make-up look consistent with your glossy lips is the key. Add sheen to your lips with a glass-like, super hydrating formula and give your face a fresh spin. The NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss adds a buttery soft and silky smoothness, leaving your lips soft and supple. The butter gloss delivers a coverage that melts onto your lips and is never sticky.


4. Graphically speaking!

L’Oreal Paris Gel Eye Liner gives your eyes a dramatically graphic look. The long lasting waterproof gel liner comes with a precision brush to define your eyes. This minimalist beauty enhancer intensifies your look. Whether you want to create an exaggerated fork shape, sharp hollow wings or floating cat-eye triangles, graphic eyeliners have always been in vogue and are still going strong.


5. Neon Lights

Cure your craving for color with the neon shades and flaunt it with your trendy Denim look. Create a chic look with a neon green eyeliner, acid lime lids and vivid pink lips.


In the right denims, a woman can conquer the world but in the right makeup, a woman can become a symbol of style.