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Refresh your home this Ramadan

Ramadan Kareem! The holy month of Ramadan is a call to the faithful to spend time in prayer, charity and reflection.
The season helps us to be grateful for the blessings in our life and develop empathy towards the less fortunate. 
Celebrate the essence of this month by spending time together with friends, family and loved ones.
Take turns hosting Iftar meals where the entire extended family and friends can join in and share in the spirit of togetherness.
Pick a theme and stick to it.
This lovely ornate look, for example, is the perfect accompaniment to a lavish spread.
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It also works to create a warm, luxurious and restful corner in the home.
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This season is also the perfect time for you to make a new beginning – in your home and living spaces.
Do away with the clutter and invest in space saving solutions for the home. Stackable serveware add to your dining table’s charm yet take up very little area on it.
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Your traditional living room settings can also work well with a storage bench.
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Create your own Ramadan tradition by putting together a traditional Arabic corner with different home accents – that vary by size, shape and purpose – yet blend in together due to their underlying features.
The corner can be a blend of mirrored accessories, vases, potpourri, decorative elements and lights. You could also keep  it festive by displaying treats on a platter in this corner – during Iftaar. It could also house a countdown to the number of days until Eid.
(Tip: Add in a lovely Arabic Candle lantern !)
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Illuminate your home with a different mix of lighting options – from floor standing chandeliers to table lamps to create a warm yet well lit spaces at home.
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Plan well to make your Ramadan and Eid a memorable one. We hope this season is a blessed one for you and your loved ones!