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Ramadan Kareem!

The Holy Month of Ramadan, is a pious season of fasting and prayer for the faithful.
Its also a time best spent with loved ones in warm gatherings and quiet introspection.
As guests drop in to visit and the family spends its time indoors, the home reveals itself as the setting for cherished memories and loving moments.
Here’s how you can prep your home for Ramadan with Lifestyle :


Serve a warm welcome 

Welcome guests with dates and team served in items from the exquisite Arabic Calligraphy Signature  Collection tea set – when they break their fast.
The set is beautifully etched with Arabesque motifs on a tea flask, tea set, kava cups, plates and date bowls. 

An innovative and eye-catching selection of luxurious serve ware, decor and accessories suitable for every occasion, the unique Arabesque-styled collection captures the essence of the season with words like Barika (Blessing), Afeya (Well Being), Saeada (Happiness), Ainsijam (Harmony), Salam (Peace), and Aizdihar (Prosperity). 



Lay a well planned meal

Create a lasting impression! Plan an elegant Iftar table with well co-ordinated crystalware and crockery 
Table settings are the key to a well presented Iftar table – with ornate & delicate serveware and complementary table linen. 
Take a leaf from nature – delicate, nature inspired filigree and details are in. When infused as metal details in bone china crockery set in wood, these are gorgeousness inspired!

Add in some flower bouquets and candles on the table to lift the overall visual appeal. Take care to see that their placement does not pose a hazard or interrupt the flow of the meal


Another addition to the dinner table are beautiful and well placed table linen. These could be a table runner flowing through the table and placemats that complement the rest of the serveware.


Go Modern or Classic with your Home Décor 

Inspiring Ramadan displays can be fashioned with the collection’s feature decorative prints, string lights, countdown posters and treat jars. A multi-functional unit can be placed near the home entrance or to lend to an existing table setting. It can also be used to place Eid presents or to lay out traditional Iftar foods each evening to break the fast.


Another way to add an elegant touch to your home during Iftar is to use ornate and elegant candle stands and warm home fragrance solutions to serve as the ideal accompaniment to a dinner table.


Go regal!
Classic settings can be recreated at home, featuring jewel tones of amethyst, ruby, emerald and gold, which lend a subtle and traditional atmosphere. They work very well with a muted white living room.


Add in, an end table or a comfy ottoman to add to the charm of your living room.


Bring on the lights!
The traditional Moroccan lantern is a lovely fixture of every home during the Ramadan season. Add a sparkle to dull corners or outside your home during Ramadan.


They also add the much needed sparkle to your Iftar table!

As a special Ramadan offer from Lifestyle, customers can expect to receive a gorgeous Turkish tea set on completing purchases over AED 200.

Ramadan Kareem!