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Explore a flamefree solution to fragrance your home with health benefits!

The new Quartz aroma diffuser from Made By Zen is a multipurpose home fragrance solution. Boasting of colour changing mood lighting, different mist settings with an auto shut-off and a mini humidifier it packs quite a punch!
The use of quartz and French design, perfectly balances oriental and western cultures with modern science and technology.
Thought to harness healing properties, quartz is believed to regulate energy, neutralize negative energy and balance the body spiritually and mentally.
It can also be used as a sleeping aid and when used with the right essential oils help with anxiety and stress.
With the rising cases of asthma and allergies due to the hot and dusty weather in the UAE, the Quartz diffuser manages to significantly improve the air quality within UAE homes and offices through its remarkable features.
Use it near your bedside in the bedroom or to improve the ambience of your living room and office.

Made by Zen’s Quartz is available at your nearest Lifestyle store!