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Back to School guide

Summer for kids is all about slushies, popsicles, travelling & sleep overs!

A new season is almost arriving. Let’s gear up for back to school time of the year again.

Moms, what better way to prep for school by shopping for fun school essentials!


Back to School Checklist


a.) Backpacks:

Let’s get funky with a backpack! Forget dull colors and boring tones. Let your kids look fashionable with a trendy backpack.

Choose from ample designs and styles from two-strap bags that go on the back, to trolley bags that can be dragged on wheels for ease.

To complement their personal style, pick a fun color, pattern or even characters like Hello Kitty for Girls and Avengers for Boys.


b.) School Supplies:

The kids are always cramming up stationery in pencil cases? Opt for these bright, spacious pouches to hold stationery instead!

Add a dose of fun to the school supplies with unique prints & patterns. Not to forget the stylish and colorful notebooks with quotes to doodle in.


c.) Lunch Essentials:

Pack their favorite food in this cute lunchbox for the first day and make lunchtime extra fun!

Additionally, these super cool water bottles are perfect for them to beat the summer heat by hydrating constantly & avoiding frequent canteen trips.


We hope this list helps you make that back to school shopping trip just a little easier.


How to select the right backpack?

Selecting an ideal backpack for your kid can be confusing! Is it too big or too small? How is the colour?  While these factors are essential, fit and functionality play an important role too. Follow these tips on how to select the perfect backpack.


1.) Personal Style:

Style is an important element of the backpack because the kids will be wearing the bags every day to school. Flaunt their style by selecting a backpack that defines their personality.


2.) Appropriate size:

It is necessary to buy the backpack of the correct size as it affects the body posture of your kid in the long run. A teen in high school would require a spacious bag with more compartments, in comparison to a kindergarten kid.


3.) Support

To reduce slouching, ensure that the backpack provides good support. Two straps instead of one are more beneficial, and a waist strap is always a great idea! Consider having padded straps for extra comfort.


4.) Fabric

While the fabric isn’t considered important, it does have a significant impact. The fabric can influence the weight and durability of the backpack.



The most important thing is deriving satisfaction from the backpack. Carrying the backpack everyday means they should love it!