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5 things to do at home, this Diwali. We just love Number 3!

The festive season calls for some festive touches to your home. This time of the year is synonymous with Diwali or Deepawali – a festival that is also popularly known as the festival of lights. 

Here are some #mustdos by team Lifestyle:

1. Declutter. And then declutter some more!
You can’t have a festive atmosphere at home, with clutter you picked up over the year, lying around.
Think about what fits in with your taste, colour scheme and theme – and junk the rest! The festive season is a good time to giveaway things you don’t need to charity.


 2.  It’s the festival of LIGHTS!
It can’t be the festival of lights without some festive lights now, can it? Look beyond the traditional oil diyas and bring light to the dark corners of your home with well-placed candle holders.



3. Gift a Smile!
Diwali is all about cosy family gatherings and the opportunity to catch up with loved ones. The exchange of sweets for Diwali is a given.  Why not do things a little different ,by packing them up in ornate trays and serveware that can be re-used for a later day? Thoughtful gestures make for happy memories after all !



4.  Turn up the glam quotient!
Stay on-trend, as you socialize and indulge in the festivities this Diwali. Glam up with makeup, that’s making waves this season. Helps you garner some compliments too! 



5. A fragrant home = A welcoming home!
Create a unique scent identity in your home by investing in home fragrance solutions. Remember to keep the reed diffuser sets and candles – away from crowded areas where there could be mishaps.

We wish you a peaceful and blessed Diwali! Shine on!
Do you have any tips to share with us for this time of the year? How about tagging us on your Diwali celebrations?
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