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Must-dos for this time of the year!

Embrace that cuppa!
We are falling for the lure of some hot coffee! It’s the perfect time to indulge in hot beverages to keep warm – we recommend a pumpkin spiced latte. Simply yum!


Tame that Mane
Your hair has already survived the onslaught of the harsh summer sun. Stop it from bearing the brunt of the dry weather this time around. Deep condition those locks before every wash to fight frizz and static and maintain a clean scalp. A good leave in conditioner and some intensive treatment helps in preventing damage to the hair and sealing in moisture.


Embrace the outdoors
Keep warm and cosy – whether you are at home or outdoors. We are loving the latest range of Berkshire Blanket throws. Soft, light and extremely luxurious, these are much recommended!

Keep hydrated! The cold dry weather can cause you to forget that hydration is a must. Keep a bottle of water at the ready as you head out. You can also create some lovely fruit juice blends and store it in dispensers for the time you are out picnicking with friends or BBQing with family .


Pursue a hobby
Don’t give in to the autumn gloom! Beat them blues by ticking off some resolutions that you started this year with. Or pursue a hobby you always wanted to work on. 


Show off some colour
Well, browns and deep orange may be the colour of the season, but that shouldn’t stop you from indulging your colourful side! Mix and match shades of red and blue with your autumn dressing to stand out.
From colour lipsticks to fancy handbags, there are options galore to turn your glam mode on!