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All you need is love!

Whether you are dining out or spending time at home alone- the month of love calls for putting a different spin on the way you do things in your spare time.

Here are 5 quick tips from us at Lifestyle:


Invest in yourself
Always wanted to write, but never did? Pick up where you left off, with hobbies you’ve wanted to pursue.

Revisit your resolution at the start of the year and see what you can do to motivate yourself to achieve them. You could always swap your gym for a session of yoga – if weight loss was your goal all along.


Get the perfect gift for the man or woman in your life
A gift – whether big or small needs to be special and just what your partner wanted. Keep his/her likes and favorite brands in mind while you plan. Hint: A quick look, at what your loved ones have favorite on their preferred online shopping site should help ;)


Build the mood for some romance
Well, sometimes all you need is some mood lighting & fragrance to feel pampered. Take your pick from scented candles, reed diffuser sets and flowers – the options are many are varied. 
Take care to see that candles are well out of the way and that all the home fragrance options belong to a single scent family. This amplifies the effect of the scented space and does not create a confusing mix of fragrances.
(For eg: If Lavender is your preferred scent, then try to keep most of your home’s fragrances within the same floral range)



Up your glam quotient
How about a new YOU this month?

Pick out a colour that is missing in your wardrobe and go around shopping for it! Or buy accessories in styles that you would never dare try.

From bags to earrings and makeup – the possibilities are endless!


Rethink your beauty regime
Love the skin you are in! Book yourself a spa appointment or bring the spa home – with the different spa treatments we have on offer.


Get out of the funk
Well, this month does not have to be all about couples, we have some singles therapy too!
Take your pick from colourful stationery, inspirational coffee mugs and other knick knacks to put a smile on your face all through February!