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5 tips to head Back to Campus in style!

1. PLAN. PLAN and then plan some more!

Prep with a little Back to School shopping list before you start your school year. Start with school curriculum and prescribed books as suggested by your institution and glance through your wardrobe and the rest of your room to figure out what’s needed. Do a quick check for books, bags, stationery.

Next put a shopping list and a list of places to shop from, in place.



2. The quirkier the better

Fun and funky? Cute and pretty? Whimsical and boho? Sporty and grunge? Find your perfect style and then use your back to school accessories to express your very own style statement.



3. Let them match and pair them well

Put together a co-ordinated look of bag, backpack, stationery and other accessories to match your attitude.



4. Chalk in a schedule!

Plan your schedule at the start of every school week. Factor in homework, projects, meals. And never forget to account for some playtime! wink



5. Rock On!

School need not be boring. Make it fun and infuse a fresh dose of cool into every school day.

Start each day with a funny, positive anecdote. Take notes. Laugh off heartbreaks. Shake off setbacks. 

Make friends. Make Memories. Make this your best year ever!