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5 days. 5 hairstyles.

Your crowning glory defines your personality and can be a style statement in itself!
From short bobs to some slick pulled back hairstyles, it is the right time to experiment with those tresses. Find the season’s freshest hairstyles in this space, with tips on how to go about achieving them. We have one for every day of your work week!

1.    The summer special: Wavy bob
 Bobs are in this season, and we are loving this wavy take on the good ole hairstyle. The waves add a neat feminine touch to the entire look. 

1.    Use a frizz control serum before you dry hair 
2.    Dry hair using a round brush to create volume (Try the Wessen styling brush)
3.    Use a flat iron on small batches and twist to create a roundness at the edges


2.    Inspired by the beach: Soft curls
 This is the perfect style to carry off during a summer soiree with friends. Soft curls tend to create an illusion of volume and add much need curves to angular faces.

1.    Start off with some hair serum to tame frizziness during the hot summer months
2.    Use your fingers to tease sections of the hair while drying (We recommend the new ISO blow dryer)
3.    Using a round hair brush, curl up strands of hair around the brush and use a blow dryer to style down the curls
4.    Open the curls up using a soft paddle brush
5.    Finish with a setting spray on the hair ( We recommend the Gosh Pump Up the volume spray)


3.    Keeping it simple: The pulled back ponytail              

When you want to keep all the hair away from your face, a ponytail does the job really well!

Ponytails are both – sporty and fun and super simple to create,.
1.    Use a flat iron throughout to create a sleek fall of hair (Like the new ISO series)
2.    Pin together sections of the hair tightly to mimic a pony tail and blow dry the pinned areas
3.    Remove the hair pins from different sections of the hair and comb up using a thin comb to create a pulled back look
4.    Finish with a setting spray ( We recommend the Gosh Hold me baby Hairspray)


4. Perfecting the hair bun
 Well, its not just man buns that are trending! Hair buns are the answer to all the bad hair days. They are also a perfect look for a busy day at work.

1.    Pull back neatly dried frizz free hair using a paddle brush. Use a generous amount of styling oil (We recommend OGX dry styling oil or the Insight styling oil)
2.    Tie a ponytail at the top of the head
3.    Segment the ponytail into 2 sections and wrap each section around the pony tail tie
4.    Secure in place using bobby pins
5.    Tuck stray strands of hair into the buns to give a laid back look


5. Straight and Proper
If you have a round face, a straight, no messy hairstyle can lead to a narrower look overall. A sleek straight look, can be especially difficult to achieve if your hair is naturally curly. We suggest lots of patience!

1.    Work a styling cream through damp hair (We suggest the OGX Brazilian Keratin spray)
2.    Blow dry straight using a paddle brush (Try the Wet Brush)
3.    To reduce hair volume and style a sleeker look, use a flat iron to finish (The new ISO flat iron is a must-try here!)

Is there a hair style to add to the list above? Get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and let us know!