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4 ways to add pink to your life!

Widely associated with Breast Cancer Awareness, it’s the colour to wear and flaunt around! So put your pink hat on and encourage others to be healthier and get their periodic screening for breast cancer.
As Lilly Pulitzer puts it, Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink!

1. Add a pop of pink to your home

The easiest way to spruce up plain white walls is adding a bouquet of fresh flowers. Want to make things more interesting? Find a pretty pink potpourri to do the job. It adds both- beauty and fragrance to dull corners of your home. Or find yourself some pretty pink cushions to liven up monotone armchairs or sofas.

2. Doll up with pink power

Add some peppy pink to your talons or pout the perfect shade of pink! There are options galore with makeup.

3. Flaunt it!

Nothing stands out as much as pink accessories. Rock the perfect pink sling bag over a contrasting white or monotone outfit.

4. Funk it up!

Plain is boring! Take your pick from fancy pink backpacks or trinket boxes to add a colourful spin to your day.

Or pick out a pink version of everyday items like sleep masks!


There is so much more fun to be had when you wear pink!