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What are the best skin care products for dry skin?

Living in this region, we love it when it starts to get colder. Sadly, our skin loves it much less. With winter approaching, it’s time to switch up your beauty regimen with face masks, moisturizers and other skin care products that are emollient and hydrating.

1. Hydrate with moisturizing face masks

We like to slap on a face mask the night before we head to an important event, or even after a long and tiring day. Pick sheet masks, peel-off masks or packs depending on the skin problem you want to target. For moisturizing from deep within, may we suggest the Nugg cranberry mask with jojoba beads? Simply apply it in a thick layer, wander off for a bit to make your coffee and wash it off a little later. Cranberry seed oil contains Vitamin K and E which are important moisturizing agents, while Jojoba beads exfoliate, moisturize and counteract acne.


Skin republic charcoal and anti blemish face masks


Speaking of exfoliation, make sure you use gentle products with ingredients that do not strip away moisture. Anything containing Hyaluronic acid, cucumber or aloe is perfect. Masks also play a big role in your anti-aging skin care regimen, so you might want to try these.


2. Apply and reapply that moisturizer

Bring out the body butters, because this is the season to indulge. Your body will be thirsty for the extra nourishment that these thick skin creams provide.


Rhubarb and pomegranate body butter with aloe and vitamin E


Apply it right after your shower, while you’re still damp, for best absorption. (Make sure your shower temperature settings aren’t too hot, as that’s the surest way to dry your skin). You can keep lighter moisturizers in your drawer or bag for a refresher when the office or mall AC dries you up.


3. Kiss dry, chapped lips goodbye

Nothing says winter more than dry lips. We like to stock up on lip balms – keep a couple in your handbag, office drawer, bedside table or bathroom vanity. You should be able to reach for one wherever you are, so you can constantly reapply. Coloured balms like the Revlon Colorbursts or the Wet n Wild Megasticks allow you to combine the benefits of a balm with the glam of a lip colour.


Revlon colorburst lip balm


Lip glosses are a good pick for colder times, because they offer a wet, glossy look that creates an impression of moisture. If you must wear your favourite mattes – deeper colours are hot this time of the year – then make sure you apply a lip balm first. Leave it on for a few minutes and gently dab off excess with a tissue before applying the colour.

Every couple of weeks, treat your lips to an intensive moisturizing mask like this shea butter, coconut oil and liquorice complex one. Use a lip scrub regularly to keep your lips super soft. 


4. Keep that hand cream handy

Your extremities suffer the most from dry skin. Invest in multiple tubes of your favourite hand cream and keep them within easy reach in different places, just like with the lip balm. Or get a few different ones so you can keep things interesting. Try the Tree Hut coconut lime cream that’s also enriched with shea butter and argan oil to pamper your hands and nails. And how cute is the packaging of this Dirty Works hand cream with luxurious cocoa butter!


Dirty works hand cream with cocoa butter


Don’t forget, you’ll need to reapply your hand cream every time you wash your hands. Make sure you work it well into your cuticles and the skin between your fingers.

5. Sun protection still matters!

Yup. Your skin still needs protection from UV rays, even on the least sunny of days. You can dial down the SPF to 30 however. A multipurpose moisturizer with SPF like Tree Hut’s Refining Rose is just perfect to keep your skin both hydrated and protected, so you don’t have to layer on too many products.


Moisturizer with sunscreen SPF 30


6. Spread the skin care love with gift-sets

Tons of special occasions are coming up, so why not gift your loved ones some pampering? These gift sets are just the thing. Choose options with scrubs and body washes too, for a complete experience. You’ll find sets in different fragrances, ranging from floral to fruity to woody. Or you could just pick a travel sized set for when you’re going places, so you won’t have to rely on questionable hotel toiletries.


Baylis & Harding rose and prosecco body wash and lotion gift set


So that’s it, a few quick and easy skin care tips to keep you glowing through the coming months. And if you want your friends to enjoy these recommendations too, just hit share or tweet from the top of this post.