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Beauty picks of the month

Klara Reset


Klara Cosmetics, the Australian makeup and skincare brand loved by industry insiders and influencers alike, have their skincare range, ‘Klara Reset’ and we can’t recommend it enough. Flawless makeup starts with the base, and that means smooth, glowing skin. Klara Reset offers brilliant products from their Flawless Facial Balm that smooth over any fine lines and pores ready for makeup application, to their hydrating 3D Brightening Cream which is packed with micro-pigments to reflect the sunlight, and the Facelift Natural Collagen Serum which plumps the skin for a youthful appearance.


What’s more, some are available in the mini size making them perfect for vacation travels. Take the Instant New Skin which is must-have gel in a bottle, that is specially formulated to act just like a microdermabrasion treatment that you get at a beauty salon.


NYX Matte Metallic Lip Cream



NYX know their lipsticks and their Matte Metallic Lip Cream is on our hot list this month. Available in a range of statement metallic colourways, the highly pigmented shades include a deep red, popping coral and demure pink to name a few, all having an enviable matte finish. Ticking all the boxes, this product is made up of a lightweight formula that is creamy in texture, allowing it glide on easily with a staying power from day to night.


Skin Republic Face Masks



Another top pick is the range of face masks from experts, Skin Republic. Their masks will not only leave your skin looking fresh and radiant, it will feel completely revitalised too. Their products are scientifically formulated and dermatologist tested to offer the very best masks on the market that perfect for combatting tired or dull skin.


Infused with ingredients tailored to skin types or needs, the masks work by acting as a second skin, allowing the skin to breathe and the pores to open. The nutrient-packed serum is evenly distributed all over the face mask for maximum absorption when applied. The face is left feeling healthy, hydrated and feeling firmer.


Platinum Lift Face Mask are perfect for when you have had a busy week. This mask is full of rich antioxidants that help to fight against environmental damage, whether it’s too much sun or contact with pollution. With many advantages to this product it reduces the signs of ageing as well as firms, tones and lifts for revitalised skin. There is also the Gold Hydrogel Face Mask for added luxury and is particularly great when it comes to combatting wrinkles and fine lines.


Maybelline Tattoo Brow



Achieve the Hollywood brow look instantly with the Tattoo Brow product from Maybelline. For the ultimate on-trend, thicker, fuller looking brow this is a must-try.


A major advantage is that the Tattoo Brow is so easy to apply. Simply use the brush applicator to spread the specially formulated, and highly pigmented gel onto the eyebrows. Once it has dried, peel off the gel in the shape you are wanting to create, enabling a tailored brow to suit your look. Plus, the colour will stay for days!


Pinky Goat Brow Me Pencil



Eyebrows frame the frame so it is important to get them right. You fill find a spoolie at one end to groom the brow and place it in the perfect shape, and a slim pencil at the other to add micro-fine definition. Due to the ultra-slim nature of the Pinky Goat Brow Me Pencil, it allows for the appearance of tiny hair strokes giving a natural look. Choose from a range of colourways to suit every hair colour whether you are channelling your inner Cara Delevingne or Amal Clooney