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BEAUTYSTA by Lifestyle - Part 3

Remember how we discussed achieving Dazzling Eyes in the BEAUTYSTA blog part 2 and The Perfect Base in Part 1? Pretty cool isn’t it. Well, now on to…


The Finishing Touches


1. Blend it up


BEAUTYSTA All over powder brush


Applying foundation, concealer, highlighter & contour can be pretty tricky. I mean they’re different products that could have slightly different shades and textures. Also, lighting can affect how they all appear on your face. You need to make sure that all of this is blended well to eliminate any defining lines or clear difference in the shades under any kind of light. It’s very doable and super easy with the All Over Powder Brush. Pay extra attention to the temple, around the nose and the jawline. Now blend, blend, blend. There you go.


2. Set your makeup


Powder setting brush


Picture this, you spent hours in the morning perfecting your makeup until it all looked fantastic (or like 30 minutes if you’re super pro). Come afternoon, you look in the mirror and wonder why it all disappeared. Piece of advice? Set your makeup. It literally takes two seconds but it’s extremely essential. Grab your Powder Setting Brush, which works perfectly with loose or pressed powders and lightly dust off some powder on your face. It’s better to keep this brush for this purpose only so it wouldn’t have traces of foundation or anything else on it. Remember, powder your face lightly as you don’t want your makeup to end up being cakey because you used too much powder or faded because you pressed too hard on the brush.  


3. Add the lipstick


BEAUTYSTA lip brush


It seems natural to have that as the finishing step. Maybe because you might end up smudging your lipstick with your hands while applying the rest of the makeup. Or because you might get some lipstick on your powder or foundation brush and end up having lipstick in unwanted areas! But yea, it makes more sense to keep this step for last. If you’re using lipstick straight from the tube or the container, just don’t, please. I know it seems easier and more convenient but a brush will help you layer the lipstick more evenly and accurately.

It won’t get out of the lines or leave out patches without colour. Also, if you’re feeling creative and you’re mixing several shades then a brush is absolutely necessary (just wipe it off or keep separate brushes if you’re doing that). Get the Lip Brush and start from the center of the lips then blend towards the lip line. Oh, one more advantage of the lip brush is that it will help you blend the lipstick with the lip liner and avoid having an obvious frame which isn’t so pretty.


That’s it. Now go out. You look fabulous!