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BEAUTYSTA by Lifestyle - Part 2

In the BEAUTYSTA blog Part 1, I’ve spoken to you about achieving The Perfect Base. Now that you have that, we need a little bit more action to work that magic. How? Eye makeup!

Think about it… your eyes can reveal a lot about you, so how about you let them reveal your inner beauty? Here are the brushes you’ll need:


Dazzling eyes


1. Accentuate your eyes




What’s the occasion? What time? Where is it taking place? Many questions contribute to your decision of choosing the eye palette to use for your eye shadow. So pick that and use the Eye Shader Brush to fill in the area of your eyelid that you choose to have the main or dominating colour. You can then use the Eye Blender Brush to apply colour on the crease of your eye. Don’t forget to blend in the colours with the Crease Blending Brush to achieve a more natural finish, even if you were going for a dramatic look.


2. Be a cat eye queen




There are multiple ways to apply a cat eye, most of it depends on your eye shape, and the intensity, length and thickness varies. For example, if you have almond-shaped eyes then you want a winged line that’s a bit intense across two-thirds of the eye and along the bottom lash line. For small eyes, a smudged line is correct way to do it if you want to make your eyes look bigger. For these techniques and many more, you can master the art of the eyeliner with the help of the Pro Angled Liner. Its slanted bristles are tapered at the point for precision and ease. Alternatively, you can opt for the Bent Eye Liner Brush with its bent neck and thin bristles. If you’re all about the drama (respect) then you’ll love the Smokey Eye Brush. Use the Smudger Brush at the times you want to soften the lines so they wouldn’t look too sharp.


3. Get your best eyebrows




Assuming that you already have the eyebrow shape you desire, you kind of sort of still need to tweak them a bit to make them look even more fabulous. Fill them in a shade close to that of your eyebrow. Use the Brow Brush to expertly apply brow powder, creams, gels or waxes with ease.

Lovely! You’re all done with the eyes. Don’t forget the mascara!

Will tell you more about the final touches to complete your look in the next BEAUTYSTA blog. Stay tuned…