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BEAUTYSTA by Lifestyle

Lifestyle has been in the region for a long time, which led to a strong knowledge of the market as well as your beauty needs. That helped realize that we are fully capable of growing brands locally with the same luxury and quality you seek in international brands. BEAUTYSTA, a Lifestyle home grown brand is all about your natural beauty and it is there not to change it but only to enhance it. It appreciates and admires the uniqueness of your skin tone, your character and your absolute lifestyle.


BEAUTYSTA offers you makeup brushes for every curve of your beautiful face, any time of the day. Each brush is carefully designed for a particular purpose so here are a few makeup tips introducing a few of these brushes to tell you more about them:


Part 1: The perfect base


1. Start with the basics

To achieve a smooth and flawless look, you must start with the basics. You will need to perfectly prepare the canvas first. Keep your face moisturized and use a primer to prepare your skin for your favourite foundation. Tip: Primers also help smoothen out fine lines when you apply your makeup and it allows the makeup to last longer. Now you can use the foundation closest to your skin tone. Apply a few drops on your face (if it’s a liquid foundation) or a few spots (if it’s a creamy foundation) and use the Angled Foundation Brush starting at the center of your face and blending it outwards in light strokes. Wipe the brush and smoothen out any obvious streaks of foundation.


BEAUTYSTA by Lifestyle


2. Hide the dark circles

Almost all of us are victims to these little monsters due to stress, lack of sleep and many many other possible reasons. If your dark circles are prominent, I recommend using the concealer after the foundation. This way, you don’t need to use as much of it and you won’t risk wiping it off while you’re applying the foundation. Dab a bit of concealer on your eyelids to prepare it for the eyeshadow (more in the upcoming BEAUTYSTA blog) and apply a downward triangle under your eyes. Use the Concealer Brush for smooth application of your liquid or cream concealer to bring back the brightness around your eyes. You can also use a small amount of concealer and the brush to hide blemishes or spots that are bothering you. Just make sure to clean the brush after that with the help of the “Care instructions” available on each brush’s link.


BEAUTYSTA by Lifestyle


3. Highlight and contour

To add more glow and definition to your face, use a highlighter on your cheekbones with the Cream Contour and Highlight Brush and contour the areas you want to sink in a bit. Use the Contour Blending Brush to achieve a flawless dimension along the cheekbones, forehead and jawline and to eliminate any obvious makeup streaks. If you want to get a bit of a tanned look then grab the Fan Brush, swirl it in your bronzer and fluff of any excess powder then sweep it across your forehead, from your ears to your cheeks, and the edge of your jawline. Keep in mind that there are several different tricks for highlighting and contouring depending on your face shape but these brushes will definitely make the whole process easier anyway. For an added glow, use the Angled Blush Brush to accentuate your cheeks.


BEAUTYSTA by Lifestyle


I can imagine that your face is radiant now and ready for the rest of the makeup to get you ready for a casual outing or a glamourous evening. More on this and the brushes you will need in the upcoming BEAUTYSTA blog.