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Self-Care Tips To Fall In Love With Yourself

Bubble T Hibiscus and Acai Berry Tea Melting Marble Oil Bath Pearls


1. Bubbles


Make time for yourself. Day to day life is fast paced, stressful and often unforgiving. Make sure you remember to take time to breathe and relax. This might be in the form of a super-relaxing bath with lots of bubbles - try putting a few balls of Bubble T Hibiscus and Acai Berry Tea Melting Marble Oil Bath Pearls into your bath. These pearls are packed full of sweet-smelling fruit infusions and tea notes, and will undoubtedly leave your skin hydrated and smooth. All you have to do is sit back and relax. Plus, if you’re feeling even more decadent, light a the beautifully handcrafted Liberty Candle Oud Imperial Jar Candle. A perfect night in for yourself.


2. Facemask


Great skin gives many of us a little bit of extra confidence. We love bright, fresh looking skin so why don’t you try a face mask to give some glow. We cannot get enough of the Little Black Mask from Doll Face - after all, they are leading skin experts so they know what they are talking about. This mask evens out skin tone, gets rid of imperfections, softens and tones. What’s more, it works well with all skin types.


Assorted 6-Piece Beauty Booster Set


3. Treat yourself


Whether it is a new party dress, lots of gorgeous new makeup (such as the Maybelline New York Gigi Hadid Palette) for the year ahead, or an exotic holiday, go for it girl. You only live once, so have fun. Perhaps book a spa day for yourself (and a friend). 


4. Boost the skin


Why not try the Assorted 6-Piece Beauty Booster Set to really give an all-over body glow. The set of six pieces features three flavoured body washes, one body spray as well as two bath fizzers, all full of essential vitamins. In addition, they have a delicate floral fragrance; it is everything you wish for!


5. Get fruity


If you are feeling great on the inside that definitely projects on the outside. And so, this is where the super-cute Pineapple Shape Beverage Dispenser with Spigot comes into play. Fill it with water, slices of lemon and some fresh mint leaves and let it do its magic. It will detoxify your body and help with digestion.