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New Year, New You: 7 Beauty Resolutions For Your Best Year Yet

It’s January, so you know what that means? New year, New you! The new year is the perfect time to define your goals for the year to come and beyond. Here are seven beauty resolutions that not only are simple enough to follow, but will also take care of you in the long run, promoting overall health and preventing premature aging. You can thank us later, ladies!


Argan Wear BB Cream & a Woman Drinking Water

1. Use a daily SPF

SPF measures sunscreen protection from UVB rays, the kind that causes sunburn so it’s important to use every day. IsaDora have come out with a brilliant Protect Face Primer SPF 30; simply apply this liquid to bare skin and follow as usual with your foundation. The extra layer adds protection, and a bonus is that it contains anti-aging properties. Another option is going straight for a BB cream with an SPF, like PHYSICIANS FORMULA Argan Wear SPF 30 BB Cream. This one-stop-product is hydrating and really nourishing thanks to the 100% pure Argan oil. It has a creamy texture and will cover imperfections perfectly! This product suits people with allergies too, as it is hypoallergenic, gluten free, paraben free and non-comedogenic.


2. Drink more water

There are loads of pro’s when it comes to drinking more water. It helps to maintain the skin’s natural elasticity and suppleness and there’s other advantages that you may not have heard of, such as encouraging nail and hair growth, as well as preventing dry, flaky skin around the nails (making a manicure really on point).


Doll Face Cleansing Cold Cream, Soothe Under Eye Serum & Real Techniques

3. Cleanse your skin

Stick to a beauty regime in the form of regular cleansing. This will keep your skin looking radiant and it also helps other products such as anti-aging creams and serums to work to the max. It also promotes skin hydration and reduces the production of excess oils. Try the Doll Face Sweet Rose Cleansing Cold Cream, it is a 5-in-1 wonder cleansing mask; it’s a make-up remover, cleanser, moisturiser, exfoliator and brightener all in one product. We couldn’t recommend this enough! Use this with the Upper Canada Textured Facial Cleanser for a deep facial clean.


4. Apply eye serum daily

You can never start too early with anti-aging creams and serums, and so give the Soothe Under Eye Serum from Doll Face a go. Apply under the eye and it will tighten and refresh the delicate skin as well as prevent fine lines and those dreaded dark circles. Look energised instantly! The Skin Republic Brightening Eye Mask is a great follow up as it is full of Vitamin C and B3 to cool the eye area and reduce puffiness.


Real Techniques 3-Piece Makeup Brush Kit & Gosh 5-Piece Blending Brush Set

5. Restock on your makeup brushes

There’s a good chance that you’ve got into a makeup brush habit and have had the same ones for a while, but why not treat yourself and restock? The Real Techniques 3-Piece Makeup Brush Kit comes highly recommended by beauty leaders. The three brushes are super soft and even better, are shed-resistant and pick up the makeup with ease for efficient application. For all those who like to blend, you need the Gosh 5-Piece Blending Brush Set for the inner makeup pro, the brushes are specifically designed for maximum blending for a flawless finish.


6. Try something new

For 2019 why not try something a bit different and step out of your comfort zone – you never know, you might like it! For a pop of colour try a bold lipstick such as the NYX Professional Make Up Matte Lipstick it’s one of our bestsellers and comes in a variety of shades. Try the highly pigmented shades, ‘Alabama’ or ‘Siren’ for a real show stopping look.


Color Reviving Brunette Shampoo

7. Take good care of your hair

It’s important to take good care of your hair, for coloured hair make sure you use a colour protector shampoo and conditioner, we love the OGX Hydrate and Color Reviving Brunette Shampoo for all those wanting to keep their rich brunette shade.

To prevent split ends hair masks are fantastic, try doing them once a week for the best results. The Coconut Oil Cream Mask from beauty experts GOSH is a super luxe hair mask that is packed with natural coconut oil, keratin protein, Pro-Vitamin B5 and shea butter, which will keep your hair strong, healthy and shiny. The winning combination.