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How to Find Makeup That Matches Your Skin

It’s every beauty and makeup fan’s dream find – foundation that’s actually the right colour for your skin. When you find the perfect foundation it’s like a match made in heaven. But it’s not always that easy to find the flattering fit for you. It’s not enough just to know what your skin tone is. Instead, you need to understand your skin’s undertones too. To make it easy to find makeup that matches your skin, read our top tips below.

Working out your skin’s undertones

Your skin tone is the natural shade of your skin, and you probably already know what you have. Very pale skin, like a china doll, is considered fair skin. You’ll have a light skin tone if you’re pale but are not quite as fair. Medium skin tones sit somewhere in the middle between light and dark. Dark skin tones are self-explanatory but can vary just as much as their paler counterparts.

Knowing your skin tone isn’t enough if you want to look your best. To find a foundation that will flatter, you also need to understand your skin’s undertones. These are the colours that come through your skin to affect the overall look. This is the absolute key to getting makeup that matches your skin and can be roughly be broken down into:

 - Warm tones

 - Cool tones

 - Neutral tones



Top tricks to work out your skin’s undertones

 - Look at the veins on the inside of your arm. If they appear green, it’s likely you have warm toned skin. Bluey-purple veins suggest cool tone skin. If you’re not sure, it’s possible you’re in the middle with neutral tones.

 - Next, what jewellery suits you best? If it’s gold, you probably have warm toned skin. If its white gold or platinum, you’ll have a cool skin tone. If you can wear both, you have a neutral skin tone.

 - Think about what colour clothes suit you the most. If dark greens, browns, and oranges suit you, it’s likely you have warm toned skin. If it’s pastel shades that look best, you probably have cool toned skin. And if you’re lucky enough to suit everything, you’ve got a neutral skin tone.

 - Finally, hold a blank piece of white paper next to your skin. If your face looks yellow in contrast, you’ve got warm toned skin. If it looks pinky-blue, that’s a sign of cool skin tones. If it looks a bit grey then don’t worry too much, all it means is your skin tone is neutral.



Foundations for skin with warm undertones

If you have warm toned skin, look for foundations with a peachy or honey tone to enhance your golden glow. The wrong shade of foundation will end up looking too pink or red.

Try L’Oreal’s True Match range, with a choice of shades clearly labelled to suit each undertone, so you can be certain of finding your perfect match.

Foundations for skin with cool undertones

If your skin has cool tones, the wrong foundation will end up looking too orange. Steer clear of anything that looks yellowy. If your skin tone is towards the darker end of the spectrum, look for coffee or chocolate shades.

Try Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation in Buff. This moisturising foundation contains SPF 20 to help protect your skin from everyday sun exposure too.

Foundations for skin with neutral undertones

If you fall into the neutral undertone category, consider yourself lucky! You can pick and choose from lots of different shades to enhance a golden glow. Just be careful to steer clear of foundations that are too pale or too pink. 

Try L’Oreal Infallible Liquid Foundation in Sable/Sand. This party-proof formula is water-resistant and lasts up to 24-hours, making it perfect for your busy lifestyle in the Emirates.

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