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7 Hot Nail Trends for Summer 2019

Why do we love doing our nails? It’s simple really, there are three main reasons.

 - When our nails are on point, we feel like we’ve got it together – especially when it comes to work, meeting clients or networking.

 - It’s an easy way to express yourself.

 - Your nails are the quickest and cheapest way to follow the latest beauty trends.

A dash of the right colour polish or the latest shape nail is the simple way to update your look for summer. You can turn up the heat with a bold bright tone that will jazz up any day, or play around with some of the season’s hottest finishes like chrome. What are you waiting for? After all, changing to a completely different look is just a swipe of nail polish remover away.

1. Perfectly pretty neutrals

A neutral is a failsafe option that works with every skin tone and every outfit. This summer’s latest take on neutrals brings a little more colour to your fingertips. It’s time to think muted peach or coral, as seen at Gucci, or try rich cinnamon shades. Our pick is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish in Mudslide.

2. Almond-shaped nails

It’s not just the colour that can give your nails a contemporary update. This season is all about almond-shaped nails. It’s a nod towards the more extreme ‘stiletto’ point seen on the catwalk, and it suits medium to long nails.

Get the look at home using a curved nail file like this one from Wycon Cosmetics.  Start in the centre point of the nail and gently file in one direction so you don’t damage the nail. You’re aiming for an almond shape that is wider at the base and slightly pointed at the tip.


3. Two-tone

Can’t decide what colour to go for? Opt for two-tone instead. One of the hottest new looks is the ‘framed’ finish. To achieve this, paint a thin line around the perimeter of the nail in contrast to the main colour. Alternatively, don’t stop with two-tone but go full rainbow. Double (or more) tips make a stylish update to the classic French manicure.

You’ll be dreaming of somewhere over the rainbow with the kaleidoscope of colours in the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails range.

4. Nail art

If the idea of painting your own nail art makes you break out into a cold sweat, cheat with a sticker or a stamp instead. Finish with a clear top coat like Rimmel Super Gel Top Coat, to hold the transfer in place and give a smooth, glossy finish.

5. Metallic

Metallic or chrome nails are a huge trend for summer that will help you make a glittering splash by the pool. Whether you go for a neutral gold or keep your cool with chromes, it’s the quick way to bring some rock-star chic to your look.

We recommend Isadora Chrome Nail Powder to build up a lustrous, sleek heavy metal look.

6. Imperfect

Imperfect is the trend we’ve all been waiting for. This look requires you to mess up your manicure to achieve a perfectly imperfect look. Achieve it by simply dabbing your favourite polish onto the nail and smudging it on purpose. Just remember that this look is just like the ‘barely there’ make-up trend. It’s not an excuse to neglect your nails. Instead, you’ll need to put in some effort to get the messed up look just right. Try using Wycon Cosmetics Vitamin Booster as your base coat to keep nails strong and healthy looking.

7. Red, red, red

Summer is the time to go bright. From pillar-box to cherry, you can’t go wrong with a vibrant red. It’s undeniably glamorous and looks great on Instagram, especially when you pair it with a long glass of something cool and refreshing at the beach bar. For a long-lasting, glossy finish, try Isadora Gel Nail Lacquer.

Have some fun in the sun with nail polish in every shade. Get more of the latest beauty tips at our blog or shop now.