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5 Bedroom Makeover Ideas for Winter Fest

Have you been wanting to give your bedroom a new life? Now is the time. This Winter Fest, be ready to breathe in a new life into your bedroom and revel in the handpicked collection of luxurious bedding.

The bedroom is one of the most significant rooms of your house. It is a sanctuary where you spend most of your time de-stressing and recharging yourself. It is, therefore, important and necessary that you feel comfortable and in sync with your room, because, after all, your room, the objects around, are an extension of your personality. Irrespective of the size of the bedroom, your bedroom needs to be revamped every once in a while. In the process of trying out new home décor, you also get rid of the old ones. So, spruce up your bedroom with creative color combinations, exclusive home décors, and play with lights to jazz up your cozy space. Here are 5 bedroom makeover ideas for winter fest you cannot resist.


1. Play with the space and length of your room

Even the tiniest of bedrooms have the potential to look beautiful if the length and the space of your room is utilized with decorative home furnishing. This can be done with a combination of a new paint job and décor that attracts attention. In an average-sized room, a hanging chandelier works well if it is not overpoweringly oversized. Decorative high curtains, a high headboard, a 6-Piece Textured King-Sized Comforter Set and Solid Velvet Plush Throw adds an extended dimension to your room and makes the room seem taller and wider.


2. Balance it out

During the process of a bedroom makeover, especially if it is a tiny one, it is prudent to use short back boards that can accommodate small and elegant light fixtures. The light fixtures are the usual match for the side Metal Table Lamp, adding a sense of symmetry and balance to the room. Match it along with 5-Piece Jacquard Printed King-Sized Comforter and Quilted Square 2-Piece Cushion set for a luxurious appearance.


3. Brighten your room, lighten yourself

Transform your bedroom into a beacon of light with all judicious use of space and a Montage Metallic Loop Detail Wall Mirror. This can be paired white-hued walls, a 6-Piece Jacquard Printed King-Sized Comforter Set and glorious natural sunlight seeping in through the airy windows. A theme color can enhance your depth perception and minimalistic objects can widen the sense of space. Boost and enrich the appearance of your double-bed with Berkshire Blanket Highland Plush Bed Throw or a Fur Rectangular Throw for a cozy appeal.


4. Textures and Design that emit elegance

The space of your bedroom can be accentuated by adding textures and design. A light pattern adds depth to an otherwise flat space. Jacquard Printed 5-Piece King Comforter Set is a superior quality fabric comforter that will add depth and class to any traditional bed. Adding some snuggly Alicia Embellished Cushion pillows with a framed picture in a Classic Photo Frame and a hanging lamp adds a subtle glamour to the room.


5. Rustic Abstraction

When your tiny bedroom experiences a burst of natural browns or earthen yellow, you can literally transform your space into an amazing rustic boudoir. The natural earthen colors add definition to your space and make your space look bigger than it is. Make the middle of the room seem stunning with some light fixture. Adding the fluffy pillows, Solid Faux Fur Throws, neutral-toned, patterned bedspreads gives your room a modern romantic feel.

With so many incredible ways to makeover a room, the possibilities are endless. Let your creative juices flowing and get on to build over your cozy sanctuary.