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Our Top Gift Ideas For Ramadan

Those who have experienced Ramadan before, know that with Ramadan often comes a great deal of socializing. A number of invites tend to circulate, for iftars, suhoors, potlucks and reunions, where old friends catch up and happily replenish themselves with copious amounts of food. Ramadan also happens to be the month of giving, so it is customary in the Ramadan tradition to bring a gift along as a kind gesture to thank the host.

If you’re trying to veer off from the usual ‘box of dates’ gift scenario, or simply in need of some inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top gift ideas below for Ramadan this year.


1. When in doubt, theme it out. This means that if you’re stuck on what to bring to the dinner party, a gift to compliment the occasion is always a guaranteed win. We know your host would love either an embellished cushion, a stylish tea set, or even a lantern with ornamental detail, to help get their home Ramadan-ready.

2. A lovely gifting gesture is to give a piece of homeware that can also be accompanied by something homemade! A statement cake stand would be perfect along with a freshly baked cake to serve at iftar, and similarly, a vase would be ideal to hold a bouquet of flowers.

3. How about giving something a little different, that still reflects the spirit of Ramadan? Wall art for the home can be a unique gift during Ramadan, especially if it contains suitable prints and patterns for Ramadan.

4. When it comes to attending social gatherings outside of the home, our top tip is to keep the gift small and light. Something like an aromatic fragrance to create a wonderful Ramadan ambience in the home, or a photo frame to hold Ramadan memories, will be easy for your host to carry home.


1. An ideal pick to gift your loved one is this Sasha Arabic Letter Pendant Necklace and Earrings Set. It is as elegant as it is relevant to the charm of Ramadan, as the necklace highlights a pendant with an Arabic letter. We would suggest matching the necklace lettering to your friend’s first name, for a personal touch.

2. For close friends – both male and female - bath and body gift sets will provide the right skin essentials to feel their best during Ramadan. Always opt for a high quality, aromatic and well-packaged gift set to make your friend feel special.

3. The right handbag is every girl’s best friend when it comes to looking the part for stylish Ramadan nights. If you think you know your friend’s taste in fashion, why not pleasantly surprise them with a statement piece to elevate their look and their mood?

With our selection of handpicked gift items, you’ll be sure to have some fresh ideas ready for various Ramadan occasions, no matter where you go or who you visit. Shop online or in-store now, to prepare your gifts in time for the holy month.